Over 2000 attendees, 150 classes, 70 sponsors, and 350 instructors in 7 years!


2018 Conference Breakdown

18 educational sessions, taught by 53 speakers, including two hands-on baking classes

In 2018, over 400 participants represented a wide variety of organizations, including universities, non-profits, economic development organizations, grain processors, as well as farm and food businesses. Session formats ranged from single speaker presentations to panel discussions, each moderated by a member of the conference Steering Committee. Additionally, the conference included a Resource Expo with 16 different agencies engaging participants throughout the day with passive displays, hands-on activities, resources, program sign ups, and take-home materials. The day concluded with the Best of the Cascades Tasting Tour highlighting 5 craft breweries and 3 distilleries from around the region.

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“After five years of building upon success to wider audiences, the Cascadia Grains Conference has positioned itself as one of the leading events of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The gathering provides an enriching array of field trips, workshops, and presentations that showcase the vital work of researchers, growers, processors, and marketers in this growing economic sector. I have greatly benefited from hearing perspectives shared by leaders in these fields related to restoration of heritage grains for niche markets and sustainable crop production.”          

Richard Scheuerman  |  Palouse Heritage

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